Erin Hurley – Mustang Daily

Cal Poly’s M.E.X.A student organization held its annual march around campus to honor Mexican-American civil rights activist Cesar Chavez on April 8 during UU hour. A group of about 20 M.E.X.A members attended the event, which included guest speakers and traditional Aztec dancing performed by M.E.X.A members. The group marched from Dexter Lawn up to Via Carta and down the street to Campus Market, carrying signs saying “Viva Chavez!” and shouting chants in support of farm workers’ rights. M.E.X.A held this march to call attention to the civil rights needs of Xicano farm workers in America. Participants said honoring Chavez’s dedication is a way to keep his vision alive and motivate people of every culture to see the need to achieve equality.

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