To raise money for breast cancer support group Sharsheret, Alpha Epsilon Phi is selling sports bras that read “I support my girls.”
To raise money for breast cancer support group Sharsheret, Alpha Epsilon Phi is selling sports bras that read “I support my girls.”

Two different groups of students at Cal Poly have found two ways to fundraise for a charitable cause — the fight against breast cancer.

Rock the Tatas

People can dance the night away while raising money for the American Cancer Society at the “Rock the Tatas” concert in Chumash Auditorium on Nov. 14.

The concert originally started as journalism senior Ebony Chetto’s senior project.

Chetto wanted to focus on giving back to the community, while still using her public relations abilities.

“(Breast cancer) is not affecting us on campus right here,” Chetto said. “And I really wanted to bring it on campus, to have students be like, ‘OK, come on. Let’s be a part of this community and celebrate something.’”

Chetto said it was not really an issue she was aware of until she met the group Making Strides, a local group of 10 to 20 women comprised of breast cancer survivors or volunteers.

Their passion and support is what drove Chetto to plan the event, she said.

“This is my obsession,” Chetto said. “This is my pride and joy. I’m so overwhelmed graduating, but knowing that I can do this makes me feel prepared for my future.”

Musical groups Proxima Parada, Red Willows and Arman Orakcilar will be performing at the fundraiser.

Chetto said when she found all of them performing at Kreuzberg, Ca Cafe, “They were just full of excitement, and they just really knew how to draw in a crowd and make everyone super happy.”

Nick Larson of Proxima Parada said the band likes to take advantage of performing in fundraisers and “any opportunity where it’s meaningful, and not just people getting wasted at a bar.”

“We have a lot of fun when we play,” Larson said. “The concert is pretty cheap, and people will be able to have a good time and feel good about themselves.”

Aaron Kroeger of Red Willows agreed.

“It’s supporting breast cancer research,” Kroeger said. “It brings a lot of positive energy, will be a lot of fun and people will feel good, so that’s a plus.”

The concert costs $5 at the door and starts at 6:30 p.m.

Bras for the Cause

The Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority is currently selling sports bras to raise money for Sharsheret, a Jewish women’s support group for breast cancer.

The bras read “I support my girls,” feature a pink breast cancer ribbon across the back and have raised more than $1,000 so far for breast cancer research.

“If you’re buying a sports bra, you might as well make it go to a good cause,” child development sophomore Dylan Dorenfeld said.

Breast cancer affects everyone, Dorenfeld said, and everyone knows or has heard of someone who has had it.

“My grandma had breast cancer,” Dorenfeld said. “A few of my family friends have unfortunately been diagnosed, and I just feel like it’s always a thought running through peoples’ heads, and something that every girl can end up with.”

The sports bras are on sale for $20.

“We’re all trying to do the same thing,” Dorenfeld said of both the “Rock the Tatas” and “Bras for the Cause” fundraisers. “We’re trying to provide support and research for people with breast cancer.”

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  1. What a great cause the Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority is raising funds for, Sharseret. They should be so proud of themselves for raising so much money with Bras for a Cause. Way to sell those Bras AE Phi, What a Phitastic job you did.

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