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With winter quarter starting, most students want to make sure they can maintain high marks throughout the quarter. Here is some guidance that may help students improve their grade point average.

A useful tip is to read or work ahead in the course material. This could include reading the textbook before your professor lectures on the material or working on an assignment early if it is listed on the syllabus. This will not only give you plenty of time to work on the assignment, but to learn the material better. By simply working ahead, you will avoid the stress of trying to learn material a few days before a deadline or midterm.

According to civil engineering sophomore German Duenez, this is important.

“When I go to class prepared with the reading for the lecture, I get a better understanding of the subject matter,” Duenez said. “I recognize the terms my professor is using and I have plenty of questions to ask from the reading,”

Peer learning can easily be overlooked by some students. Forming study groups offers benefits that are overlooked when one is studying alone. One benefit is the ability to get new perspectives from the course material. This may help you get a better grasp on some of the fundamentals, or force you to think more about your position on a particular issue. Therefore, this will develop your critical thinking skills while helping you study.

Biological sciences sophomore Emily Hermann, a study session leader, said it is good to have a a balance of both.

“Group learning is critical to share ideas and strategies for how to learn the material,” she said. “Using a group to practice teaching the concepts is one of the best ways to retain information because you can really test yourself.”

The most common piece of advice that you hear around campus is to go to office hours. Most people attend office hours if they are having trouble on a certain topic in class, or need advice on how to succeed. However, it is a good idea to drop by their office and get to know them. By developing a relationship with a professor you may feel more comfortable approaching them for help in the future, or asking questions in class.

No matter what classes you are taking, it is always possible for you to do well. It doesn’t matter what major you are or how knowledgeable you are on a certain subject. There are always resources available to make sure you succeed.

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