Parking will remained unenforced on weekends, except for certain areas during campus events. | Andrew Epperson/Mustang News

Weekend parking enforcement has been postponed while campus administration continues to discuss the matter.

Seven-day parking enforcement was scheduled to begin Jan. 1 after it was postponed in fall because of backlash from students. There is no set timetable for when — if ever — enforcement will begin.

A total of 1,326 parking spaces were lost when construction of Student Housing South began on the G1 parking lot, university spokesperson Matt Lazier said. The residential R2 lot accounted for 484 of those spaces, though Lazier said campus traffic surveys indicated the lot was approximately 80 percent empty during the day.

Parking for students changed with the loss of the G1 lot due to construction of Student Housing South. Though the K1 lot was created to compensate for the loss of G1, 53 total parking spots were lost, including residential spots. The R2 lot was underutilized, Lazier said, up to 80 percent empty during the day, according to campus traffic surveys.

Weekend parking is often enforced at nearby lots during athletic games or concert performances. People with general, faculty or staff parking permits can freely access the monitored lots during events.

University Police Department (UPD) also stopped selling annual and quarterly general passes on Sept. 23. Daily and weekly general permits can be purchased to park in the general lots.

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