Ryan Chartrand

I am a member of the ONE organization, fighting to make poverty history. I am writing in support of two very important bills: The U.S. Commitment to Global Child Survival Act and the Education for All Act.

Ten million children, all under the age of 5, die every year from treatable and preventable diseases. Measles, diarrhea, pneumonia, complications during childbirth, and especially malnutrition cause startling rates of death for these young and innocent children. The unavailability of education in developing countries is also astounding, with nearly 77 million children living without the opportunity to attain a basic elementary level education.

Members of the ONE campaign have continued to express that such senseless death and unavailability of education is unacceptable. The introduction of the U.S. Commitment to Global Child Survival Act is evidence that we truly can make a difference, one voice at a time.

This bipartisan bill promotes the use of immunization, antibiotics, clean drinking water, and vitamin supplements – extremely effective and affordable preventative measures that will save lives.

Likewise, a team of bipartisan leaders introduced the Education for All Act, which would serve to expand access to education by training teachers, building infrastructure, and promoting life skills training.

Every child deserves adequate healthcare and the opportunity to seek an education. Please lend your voice by writing or calling your representative and encouraging him or her to support these extremely important acts.

Ashley Stinson
Psychology senior

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