Dexter lawn. Credit: Tiana Reber | Mustang News, 2021

The Sustainable Fashion Club and Green Campus are hosting Swap n’ Shop on Friday at Dexter Lawn from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This third Swap n’ Shop of the quarter is an opportunity to swap old clothes with new ones. 

According to Cal Poly’s sustainability page, student vendors will also be present with handcrafted goods.

Green Campus is a student-led initiative working to keep the campus green through sustainability and conservation initiatives, according to Cal Poly’s sustainability page. Recently, Mustang News covered the group’s ‘Shut the Sash’ campaign to eliminate energy waste in Baker Science.

Cal Poly’s Sustainable Fashion Club works to celebrate artistry within the fashion industry while also educating students about the negative impacts of the fast fashion industry, according to Cal Poly’s sustainability clubs website.

The event will continue throughout April and May. To stay up to date on upcoming events, visit the Sustainable Fashion Clubs’ Cal Poly Now page.