CSU’s derecognition of Christian club unfair

The policy of open membership for clubs needs to be revised — or applied equally.

New website helps students find housing

If HousingAnywhere is implemented, Cal Poly students and international students alike will be able to find housing much more easily.

Spectacle 2014: Ingenuity and creativity from the Cal Poly community

Spectacle, which took place on April 17, gave students, faculty and San Luis Obispo residents a chance to showcase their ingenuity and creativity.

Deltopia, through the eyes of Cal Poly students

The Cal Poly students who attended Deltopia this past weekend had no idea the night would take such an ugly turn.

Rioting in the streets at Deltopia

The Isla Vista-based event led to the arrests of more than 100 people and the transportation of 44 people to the hospital.

Opposition to new housing project continues

Of the attendees at a recent meeting, 40 protested the project and only one supported it.

Paying the bills (with porn)

If you go to Duke University, you might know 18-year-old Miriam Weeks, a women’s studies major who plans on being a women’s rights or civil rights lawyer.

Top 7 tips for finals preparation

Photos by Anne Knapke/Multimedia Journalist Aja Frost [follow id=”ajavuu”] Birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and the line at Starbucks is even longer than usual — which means finals are in the air! If you’ve only made it to that…

Health Services reaches full capacity

Health Services announced Monday that it would not accept any walk-in appointments, due to the large number of students who had already scheduled consultations for the day.

Inter Housing Council rolls out new office

Inter Housing Council, the student government group that represents all on-campus student residents, has doubled their number of officers in the past year and opened a new office, called ROLO.

Red brick competition motivates students to spend energy on conserving energy

This February, six freshmen residence halls—Trinity, Muir, Sequoia, Fremont, Santa Lucia and Tenaya—are battling it out to see which building can reduce its energy and water consumption the most over four weeks.