Get creative with the Al Landwehr Creative Writing Contest

Underneath the back-to-school hustle of buying books and crashing classes, there is bubbling creative activity as Cal Poly’s sharpest writers prepare for the approaching deadline of the 44th annual Al Landwehr Creative Writing Contest.

Creative writing contest winners ‘are advanced users of our tongue’

Allison Montroy The ancient Greek city of Byzantium was a hub of flourishing culture and literature, from poetry to song, that kept the art of creativity alive through the dark Middle Ages. So it’s only fitting that Cal Poly’s…

Al Landwehr Creative Writing Contest opens for submissions

Hannah Croft Columbia University and The Academy of American Poets are just a couple prestigious places winners of Cal Poly’s Al Landwehr Creative Writing Contest have been affiliated with. The contest, in its 43rd year, is named after nationally published…

Annual literary magazine turning pens

Cal Poly’s award-winning annual literary magazine “Byzantium” serves as a stepping-stone for serious writers, English professor and “Byzantium” adviser Kevin Clark said. The magazine has turned out award-winning and published poets and fiction writers since its beginning. The magazine began…

‘Byzantium’ to showcase Cal Poly writing talent

This year, English students Anna Bush and Jesseca Zwicker won first place in the Creative Writing Contest and are featured in “Byzantium.”