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Covered California helps students get health coverage

“Why do I need health insurance?” According to Christina Lefevre Latner, one of Cal Poly’s Health Insurance Education Project’s (HEIP) campus coordinators, this is a common question students ask.

CEA president ‘saddened’ by Matt Yount’s death in Spain

CEA’s local team has worked closely with the authorities, the United States Embassy and students on site to memorialize Yount and to determine the cause of the accident, CEA President Marcie Schneider said.

Registration may see changes

Registration is changing at Cal Poly.

The first change involves graduating seniors.

Those who are graduating in spring or summer 2014 will be provided spring 2014 priority registration, according to an email from the Office of the Registrar. This is to help them get the courses they need to graduate, according to the email.

Financial Aid Office to cancel unaccepted federal loans

If you haven’t accepted your financial aid loan yet, you have until Nov. 22 until it is cancelled.

But you have accepted a loan, signed a promissory note, completed loan counseling and you received a check, you are fine.

Freshmen fight fire in Sequoia residence hall

A non-injury, electrical fire occurred in Sequoia residence hall Sunday afternoon, causing part of the building to be deemed unsafe to live in for the rest of the quarter, Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier said.

After years of informal practice, university introduces amnesty policy

If someone needs help, call 911. Don’t worry about repercussions. That’s the message Cal Poly is sending to students.

Forum encourages STEM success

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) literacy: That’s the goal of this year’s Baker Forum, titled “Future of STEM Education and the Importance of Educating Today’s Youth.”

Pond scum: Future of fuel?

It’s always been about oil. But now, things are changing.

UCSB warns ‘out-of-towners’ to stay away for Halloween festivities

Halloween at Isla Vista, one of the most famous college parties in California, draws tens of thousands party-goers each year. However, UC Santa Barbara doesn’t want the extra people.

Greek life grows with IFC recruitment

The Interfraternity Council’s (IFC) recruitment week wrapped up successfully, Coordinator of Sororities and Fraternities Diego Silva said.

Confusion over government shutdown

The government shutdown is leaving students confused about what campus offices are operating and what offices are closed.