Shwayze’s California-style concert delayed by California-style traffic

The plaza was glowing from the slowly sinking sun, there were unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts and colorful tribal print skirts everywhere, and just about everyone was smiling and enjoying the warm, late-afternoon air.

Madonna Expo Center: reggae no more

The Alex Madonna Expo Center is changing its taste in music.

Former Coldstone location keeps it cool with new Doc Burnstein’s

San Luis Obispo’s Coldstone Creamery may be closed, but locals can still get their ice cream fix — at the same location, where Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream will opens its third store.

‘No Big Deal’ concert marks big-deal changes for student entertainment

Step aside, Alex Madonna Expo Center. The Recreation Center is back — bigger, better and louder than ever.

The ‘greatest show-and-tell in the world’ coming to SLO

Allison Montroy Science and the arts are finally friends. All things creative and innovative will be showcased at the first-ever San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire on Saturday in Mission Plaza. The fair is a local, “mini” version of…

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Free Comic Book Day!

Captain Nemo Games & Comics co-owner Raymond Hanson started reading comic books as a 6-year-old boy in the Vermont countryside.

Eat, drink, dance and give back at Flavor of SLO

F. McClintock’s, Eureka!Burger or Mo|Tav? Petra or House of Bread? Spike’s or SLO Brewing Co.?

Straight from the soul: Próxima Parada ‘makes you wanna dance’

Allison Montroy Andy Olson raises his drumsticks in the air and looks to his left. “One, two, three, four.” Nick Larson leans in and presses his fingers into the keys of his red instrument, kicking off the song with…

Two bands that will rock SLO

Allison Montroy On one hand, the twangy, confessional rock songs of an indie-rock mainstay. On the other, four confessed bowl-packers’ beach-ready odes to all things chill. For those interested in any of the above shenanigans, two upcoming San Luis Obispo performances…

Here’s a little bit of old school for ya: Party with Aaron Carter at SLO Brew

Allison Montroy The blond, spunky little heartthrob of the ’90s is coming to San Luis Obispo. Aaron Carter, perhaps best known for his 2000 hit single “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” has been somewhat off the radar since his…

Postal Service concert takes audience to great heights

Allison Montroy “It’s so weird to say this, but we are The Postal Service.” After saying that statement, Ben Gibbard steadied his guitar, the band started to play and it wasn’t weird at all. Ten years have gone by…