America’s National Parks: Purveyors of the American Spirit

Embodied within America’s national parks are the principles of equality, unity, freedom and democracy.

Hollywood Motion Picture Experience: The production studio in the hills

Apparently there’s a film production company in San Luis Obispo County.

Your San Luis Obispo election voting guide

Don’t know what San Luis Obispo officials to vote for in this year’s election?

Fate is real, but it’s not sealed

The power is in one ball — something 22 individuals chase for 90 minutes, attempting to change their fate. The ball is the key — the key to power, to happiness and to glory.

American Summer

The house did not belong to them, but the dream was all their own.

Americans still have plenty to be thankful for

So rather than critique things or express what I’d like to see in the future, I want to focus on the things that I’m proud of and thankful for right now.

Returning to America’s core values

We have traded our heritage for unstated truths, that all men are equal, they have evolved from goo with equal rights, among these are marriage of anything to anyone, life and the pursuit of our pleasures.