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Cal Poly Democrats and Republicans engage in debate

Students seated themselves along a spectrum of how they identified politically. No one person’s attitude completely reflected that of the political party they affiliated with or all the members of each club.

Cal Poly Democrats return to campus

Daniel Estes, economics and political science third year, decided to restart the Cal Poly Democrats after seeing a need for a group that would allow students on the liberal end of the political spectrum to come together and express themselves.

Op/Ed: CP Democrat candidate endorsement

This opinion piece was written by Cal Poly Democrats President Kayla Clark I speak for the Cal Poly Democrats when I say we endorse President Barack Obama in this election against Governor Mitt Romney. There are several reasons behind this…

Cal Poly courting the youth vote

Laura Pezzini Though the election is looming and people seem to grow more and more outspoken about their political opinions, the youth vote is still an elusive item. Young voters have shown a lack of participation in past elections,…