A push away from parking

Parking can be a struggle for Cal Poly students, but for Cal Poly University Police Department (UPD) Associate Director Marlene Cramer, it’s an opportunity for students to explore alternate forms of transportation. With more than 7,000 parking spaces on campus,…

Campus master plan forum raises concern over agricultural land use

What will Cal Poly look like in 20 years? At an event in the atrium of Kennedy library on Thursday, students, staff, faculty and the SLO community were invited to express their ideas and input about the multiple versions of conceptual maps.

Cal Poly considers ‘year-around’ schedule, other plans for development

The “year-around” schedule will increase graduation rates but decrease the number of students on campus at any one time.

Strategic Plan articulates Cal Poly’s vision

Student Affairs creates a three-year plan to guide principles for campus and community life.