The recently updated Cal Poly Master Plan proposes construction of parking structures at Via Carta, Highland Drive and Mt. Bishop Road to replace surface parking lots and provide parking for events and residential use, but no official plans have been announced.

Requiring student payment or permits for parking on weekends is also a possible change in the university’s long-term plan. Currently, with the exception of event parking and spots marked “Staff 24/7,” parking during weekends does not require any payment or permits.

Individual campuses in the CSU system are required to maintain self-funded parking programs, according to University Spokesman, Matt Lazier. Although no actions have been taken to change the enforcement hours to extend to weekend parking, Transportation and Parking Services will continue to discuss all potential strategies to improve the campus’s overall congestion and transportation.

The Master Plan outlines the university’s goals for the next twenty years regarding the physical improvement of Cal Poly as well as steps toward bettering the students, staff, and faculty.

One of the main goals of the Parking Master Plan is to support Cal Poly’s move away from auto-transportation and towards a more pedestrian-, bicycle-, and transit-oriented campus model, according to Lazier. 

For Earth Day of 2016, President Armstrong made a Climate Leadership Commitment, establishing a goal for Cal Poly to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

Carolyne Sysmans | Mustang News

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