Word on the street: What are your job interview tips?

Cal Poly students look back on what they wish they knew before their first job interview, and discuss how to prepare for an interview now.

Brand yourself professionally

Andrew Woloz, a Cal Poly alumnus, makes music playlists for a living. “It’s an awesome job,” he said, “about as awesome as it sounds.” Woloz, who graduated in 2012 with a degree in business administration, works at Beats Music, a company under the Beats by Dre umbrella.

Making the impression

Cal Poly’s fall career fair is here once again, sending students into frenzies about how to dress, what to say and how to shake a hand.

Inside the Fall Career Fair: What to expect

If there’s anything that makes a college student want to stay in school as long as possible, it’s the fear that comes with searching for a job in the real world.

Grad school could be for you

Elyse Lopez elyselopez.md@gmail.com Every student will face a time in their college career when they must decide if a bachelor’s degree is enough to propel them to where they want to be in life. Taking advantage of Career Fairs and…

Career fair heavy on technical employers

This disparity is often perceived by students as prejudice, or even favoritism, on the part of Cal Poly Career Services.

Preparation is key for job fair success

Kelly Trom kellytrom.md@gmail.com For some students, the mere mention of the upcoming career fair sends a nervous shiver down their spines. For others, it holds the promise of great opportunity. The reality is, the fair is for everyone. Whether students…

Mustang Jobs offers more to some students than others

Finding that one perfect job post-college can weigh on students’ minds, but Cal Poly has the resources to help. Mustang Jobs is a website run by Career Services that specifically caters to job-hunting students. At Mustang Jobs, students can find…

Career Fair: Green careers mix it up

Sustainability and the career fair are united for the first time this year with the Green Career Mixer, an opportunity for students and businesses who care about making sustainability a priority to meet up. The mixer on Wednesday is open…