Carson Starkey trial update

San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Hugh Mullin denied former SAE members Haithem Ibrahim and Zacary Ellis’ motions to dismiss the cases in which they are being charged for felony hazing causing death and misdemeanor furnishing alcohol to a minor causing the death of Carson Starkey.

One year after Starkey’s death, criminal and civil cases ongoing

“You were handed a bag of alcohol and you were supposed to finish it all together. Some bags had hard alcohol, mine just had beer … We were drinking for like an hour,” Sauer said.

Judge rules there is enough evidence to proceed with student’s hazing death trial

A San Luis Obispo County judge ruled on Tuesday that there was enough evidence to proceed with the trial of Zacary Ellis and Haithem Ibrahim, on trial for the fatal hazing of Carson Starkey.

Cal Poly hires staff to educate greek life following SAE arrests

Cal Poly will hire two staff members to educate the greek system about the dangers of alcohol and hazing following the arrests made in connection with the death and hazing of fraternity pledge Carson Starkey.

Letter: Starkey held some responsibility in his own death

The greeks do have some responsibility in the matter, but should not be held accountable. The fact of the matter is that Carson chose to be at that party and chose to drink what was offered him.

UPDATE: Four SAE members charged in hazing death

Four Cal Poly students were arrested Thursday in connection with last year’s alcohol-related death of architecture freshman Carson Starkey after a nearly six month investigation by the San Luis Obispo Police Department.