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Is publishing suspects’ mug shots wrong?

I admit, my first gut reaction to seeing a student’s face plastered on the front page for things like drug possession makes me think of how bad I would feel if it were my face. These are, after all, photos of people at their worst and a photo makes it easier for the story to follow a student around for life.

Cal Poly hires staff to educate greek life following SAE arrests

Cal Poly will hire two staff members to educate the greek system about the dangers of alcohol and hazing following the arrests made in connection with the death and hazing of fraternity pledge Carson Starkey.

Speakeasy tradition lives on at newly opened Creekside Brewery

In the 1920s prohibition reigned and lovers of the suds had to go underground to enjoy a good brew and the speakeasy provided a haven for friends to meet, enjoy laughs and escape for a few hours from the drudgery of day to day life.

UPDATE: Four SAE members charged in hazing death

Four Cal Poly students were arrested Thursday in connection with last year’s alcohol-related death of architecture freshman Carson Starkey after a nearly six month investigation by the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

Special election propositions address state budget deficit

With the state facing a $42 billion budget deficit this year, Californians have the chance to decide how their tax dollars should be used to balance the state budget through six propositions of the Tuesday statewide special election.

Blog: A bad couple of months for Craigslist

The popular classifieds Web site Craigslist has been taking a lot of heat lately on a variety of issues, some completely out of their control.

ASI vote breakdown announced

After nearly a week of delays, the ASI election results were announced: Art and design senior Kelly Griggs won the election with 1,807 votes, followed by computer science graduate student Jon McElroy’s 979 and psychology senior Jacob Alvarez’s 907.

Why the low voter turnout for ASI election?

Twenty percent. That’s the amount of the entire student body that turned out to vote in the Associated Students, Inc. election on May 6 and 7. That is down 7.5 percent from last year’s election, according to current ASI president…

GOP survival demands more than rebranding

National political news from both liberal and conservative sources these days is dominated by coverage of the implosion of the Republican Party. The GOP seems bent on self-destruction.

Kelly Griggs wins ASI presidential election

Cal Poly students will have a new “direct student liaison” next year in Kelly Griggs. The art and design senior was elected as 2009-2010 Associated Students Inc. president with the platform of being a link between the administration and the student body.

McElroy offers fresh perspective for student body

ASI presidential candidate Jon McElroy says he’s dedicated to Cal Poly and the community around it. His platform issues include communication, safety and sustainability, and he hopes to make the organization’s governance more transparent.