Furloughs continue to hinder education

The furlough program at Cal Poly has resulted in pay decreases for faculty members along with an increased workload due to larger class sizes and fewer available lecturers.

Furloughs save CSU money; frustrate professors

Chancellor Reed implemented two programs to reduce the budget deficit: furloughs and lower admission.

Bill would give CSU $600 million

With a $564 million shortfall for the year, legislators are scrambling for ideas on how to keep the quality of education in California’s school system at its current level while battling the deficit.

CFA and students clash with chancellor

Students for Quality Education are planning a 48 hour protest/vigil at the chancellor’s office in Long Beach starting Sunday up to the meeting on Tuesday.

Legislation could bring $1 billion to higher ed

Amid a $584 million budget deficit in the California State University system, an assemblyman is presenting legislation that, if passed, would bring a projected $1 billion in funds to state colleges and universities.

Bill could force Poly Corp. to release records

Cal Poly Corporation and Cal Poly Foundation may soon have to open up its books to the public if the Senate Bill 218 passes this Fall. It will open the California Public Records Act to include university auxiliary organizations.