President Armstrong responds to salary disputes: ‘You have a right to be angry’

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong called for a listening session in Chumash Auditorium to discuss the faculty and staff salary issues at hand.

Faculty rally to protest lack of salary increases

Signs saying “Money for managers, promises for profs!” and “The mustang has lost its way!” pointed to the concerns surrounding faculty pay and administrative bloat.

CSU faculty union comes up with contract, Cal Poly has mixed feelings

When the California State University (CSU) system and California Faculty Association (CFA) come together to present a tentative contract for CSU faculty, there are usually a lot of smiling faces in the room. But not this time.

Faculty association battles for new contract with CSU system

The CFA and Cal Poly have been fighting for a fair contract, but it’s been proving hard to come to an agreement.

Governor's proposal would increase CSU funding

The CSU was repeatedly forced to raise tuition throughout the recession, but Proposition 30’s passing last year gave state colleges a financial boost.

CFA bargains for first pay raise in six years

The California Faculty Association (CFA) and California State University (CSU) amended their Collective Bargaining Agreement on Aug. 26, raising faculty’s pay for the first time in six years.

CSU Chancellor Reed to step down

In the hours after the announcement of California State University (CSU) Chancellor Charles Reed’s retirement, a spokesperson for the state senator who had called for Reed’s resignation earlier this month said he had not heard anything suggesting there was a…

Local faculty union denies election fraud allegations

A former Cal Poly professor brought charges of corruption and illegal conduct in the local California Faculty Association (CFA) chapter to the state level last Tuesday, but union leaders said each of the accusations are baseless. Gail Wilson, a former…