Where does all that parking money go?

Parking on campus. It’s a big hassle to some and big money for the university. But where does that money go, and what will the future hold in terms of available spots? Mustang News investigated.

Construction of new residential dorm brings heavy expectations

After Fall commencement in 2015, parking lots G-1 and R-2 will close for the construction of the new Grand Avenue and Slack Street dorms, leaving freshmen with fewer parking options near their residence halls.

Here’s how much you’ll be fined for parking violations

The city of San Luis Obispo and Cal Poly’s parking violation fees are similar in cost.

Cal Poly transitions to cashless culture

From 2008 to 2013, cash payments in Campus Dining facilities fell by 12 percent.

Cal Poly considering charging for weekend parking

According to UPD associate director Cindy Campbell, other California State University campuses charge for weekend parking.

Fewer cars, more parking

Driving into a parking lot only to find no open spaces can be frustrating for any driver.

According to University Police Department (UPD) Associate Director Cindy Campbell, freshmen don’t have to worry about that on campus this year.

Event-parking restrictions leave students upset

Victoria Billings vbillings@mustangdaily.net Agricultural science senior Elida Moore is five minutes late to class as she drives onto campus. Moore isn’t worried though. She’ll simply park in the Grand Avenue parking structure by the Christopher Cohan Performing Arts Center (PAC)…