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New policies ban hammocks and slacklines on campus

Slacklines and hammocks have been banned on campus, per an interim policy released last Friday. Slacklining is limited to designated areas and may only be temporarily affixed to university-installed poles while in use, according to Section 334.1.3 of campus facilities policies. Hammocks are now banned outright. However, there are no set plans to install these poles, which concerns […]

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Smile, nod and fall off your chair laughing

Allison Montroy Not a single person is still. All around there is hopping, jumping, clapping and chanting. Kanye West’s “Ni**az in Paris” fills the small, curtained room with energy. Three groups form, laughing, shaking and shuffling their feet against the concrete floor. They make up skits, jokes and stories. To an outsider, it may […]