Get in touch with your inner artist: creative campus clubs

Cal Poly is home to a number of clubs and organizations, giving students the opportunity to broaden their horizons and meet new people. Some of these clubs even present students with the opportunity to exercise the right side of their…

Smile, nod and fall off your chair laughing

Allison Montroy Not a single person is still. All around there is hopping, jumping, clapping and chanting. Kanye West’s “Ni**az in Paris” fills the small, curtained room with energy. Three groups form, laughing, shaking and shuffling their feet against…

Going clubbing: what it takes to start a club on campus

Cal Poly has 277 chartered, active clubs on campus, but what does it take to start a club, and how difficult is it to gather members?

Open House attracts thousands to Cal Poly

Thousands of prospective students and their families were on hand this past weekend to see the Cal Poly campus for Open House. The event attracted around 25,000 people for the campus showcase on Saturday with over 200 clubs on display.

BLOG: Amateur radio club’s hidden lair

The Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club is well-hidden behind a wooden wall behind the Engineering East building. Behind the wall, the club utilizes a high frequency antenna tower which can extend up to 80-feet in the air.

Cal Poly to see an increase in campus clubs

About 12 more clubs are expected to join the 286 current clubs on campus by the Oct. 23 deadline for submitting club charters.

Clubin’ it up at Cal Poly

An introduction to a few of the hundreds of clubs on campus
This list is designed as an introduction to a few clubs that could be a good fit for incoming freshman during their time at Cal Poly.
For a full listing of Cal Poly clubs, students can visit the Clubs page at