Mustang News, Oct. 10, 2013: Affordable Care Act impacts students, Govt. shutdown brings tourists

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More than 100 waltz through ballroom competition

Allison Montroy Colin Keane and Marie Grap walk through the arch of white, green and gold balloons, arms outstretched, faces frozen in a smile as they glide past the judges. They take their places among the other dancers. Standing…

‘Suspend’ your disbelief: Orchesis’ annual show is here

  Kelly Trom It’s not all flashy spins and kicks during the 43rd annual Orchesis dance concert “Suspension.” The Orchesis dance company will take center stage this weekend at Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre. The modern and contemporary show focuses on conveying…

Students bring dance to Spanos

Cal Poly students are prepared to dance the night away at this year’s sold-out spring dance concert, “Catalyst.” With performances on May 24 and 25, the concert will feature various dance styles including modern, contemporary, lyrical, ballet, jazz, tap, hip…

From chair to center stage

In the weeks leading up to their annual show, the dancers of Cal Poly’s dance company, Orchesis, spent 16 to 18 hours a week in Alex and Faye Spanos Theatre polishing their choreography. Orchesis dancer and biological sciences senior Misty…

Best Sorority Dance Crew Slideshow

Cal Poly Fraternity Theta Chi held a “Best Sorority Dance Crew” competition February 13.

Orchesis Dance Company Auditions Slideshow


Theatre and dance department puts modern twist on classic play

In Greek, the word “antigone” means unbending. And in the Greek tragedy “Antigone” by Sophocles — which will be performed in the Spanos Theatre Nov. 18 to Nov. 20 — that’s just what the main character Antigone had to be to honor her brother.

Orchesis director turns passion into career

Like many college-aged students, Diana Stanton wasn’t sure what type of career she wanted to pursue in her early twenties. A competitive gymnast early on, Stanton didn’t know that her brush with modern dance at a community college was her ticket to eventual success in the academic world.

‘Shimmy Shake Shine!’ dazzles crowds with dance and song

From July 8 to July 31, Shimmy Shake Shine! by accomplished choreographer Suzy Miller dazzled crowds with its seemingly random yet unified collection of 35 dance and song numbers.

Dance welcomes all levels of skill

Cal Poly’s Dancesport Team more then doubles in membership this year.