The Panhellenic population problem: Cal Poly invites more sororities to accommodate students

Cal Poly plans to invite two new sororities to help spread out the large number of women in existing chapters.

IFC committee set to plan Greek Row

Members within the Interfraternity Council (IFC) invited national Theta Chi vice president and California lawyer William Palmer to help Cal Poly plan a Greek Row.

ASI presidential race lacks greek presence

ASI presidential candidates Joi Sullivan, Connor Paquin and Jake Rogers are not part of Greek life. According to Greek community leaders, this is not a major concern.

Greek life hits problems with new party registration policy

Three weeks after passing a party registration policy draft, fraternity presidents are experiencing problems with registering their social events with the new system.

For sororities, party rules a moot point

There is no specific mandate against sororities throwing parties, but the NPC policies and procedures for college Panhellenics mandate that Panhellenic events be alcohol-free.

Greek life waiting on National Panhellenic Council to finalize policy

Though Danielle Durante has received unofficial support from Panhellenic presidents on the latest policy, she is waiting to hold a vote until National Panhellenic Council (NPC) approves it.

Greek life party registration policy likely to pass Tuesday

Tuesday will mark the 31st day that fraternities and sororities have been on social probation.

ASI Board of Directors representative working on resolution to support greeks

After meeting with Panhellenic President Danielle Durante earlier this week, Connor Paquin, a civil engineering junior and member of the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors, is considering taking up a resolution on the proposed party registration policy with the board.

Mustang News, Feb. 5, 2014: Cal Poly hosts entrepreneurship forum, Greeks focus on academics

Mustang News anchor Christina Favuzzi covers today’s top stories at Cal Poly.

Panhellenic president expects to end greek probation by next Friday

DeCosta, Humphrey, and O’Hagan were all supportive of the new policy proposed by greek council presidents,

With negotiations stalled, greeks question probation

Photo Illustration by Zach Maher/Staff Photographer All fraternities and sororities are still on social probation as greek leaders work with administrators on amending the proposed party registration policy. Brooke Sperbeck [follow id=”BrookeSperbeck7″] Greek leaders are still questioning the validity of…