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A proposed resolution from ASI Board of Directors College of Engineering representative Connor Paquin would support his fellow students in greek life, not go against administrators, he said.

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After meeting with Panhellenic President Danielle Durante earlier this week, Connor Paquin, a civil engineering junior and member of the Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) Board of Directors, is considering taking up a resolution on the proposed party registration policy with the board.

“From that conversation, we talked about proposing a resolution from the ASI Board of Directors,” Paquin said.

A “resolution” refers to the official stance of the ASI Board of Directors, and it represents the opinion of the student body, Paquin said. Resolutions are often passed as attempts to influence university policy.

He originally planned to bring up the resolution on Monday, but after he and Durante learned talks of the resolution would become public on Friday, Paquin decided he would wait to bring it up at a later time.

Paquin said he is aware a proposed party registration policy could pass before a resolution can be voted on at an official Board of Directors meeting, but he plans on going through with the resolution anyway.

“I’m sure the greek registration policies would get passed or they will approve it or whatever that may be, but we still want to be able to help them in any way that we can,” he said.

After he brings up the issue with the board, Paquin said he will have more details of what a resolution could look like. Paquin said he wants to support his fellow students, not to go against administrators.

“The point is not to say we disagree with what administration is doing or how well they’re handling it,” Paquin said. “It’s more to kind of show that whether we’re greek life or not, we as Cal Poly stand as one.”

Though Durante said one week ago she anticipated the policy would be passed Friday, no agreement was made and Cal Poly greeks are now on their fifth consecutive weekend of social probation.

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