Bandaging the city budget

The San Luis Obispo City Council has two months to overcome a projected $4.4 million shortfall in the city general fund for the 2011-2012 fiscal year or be forced to operate on limited reserve money.

Armstrong on budgets: ‘Learn By Doing is nonnegotiable’

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong is rising to the challenges of funding constraints following Governor Jerry Brown’s 2011-2012 proposed state budget cut of an estimated 21 percent of university state funding last month, Armstrong said it is up to him to…

Q&A with provost Koob

Provost Koob answers questions about everything including the deficit, furloughs, faculty cuts, class cuts, graduation and summer school.

BLOG: CFA votes in favor of furloughs

The voting period closed Wednesday with 54 percent members voting ‘yes’ and 46 percent voting ‘no’ for the furloughs. In total, 68 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot — about 8,880 members.

Legislation could bring $1 billion to higher ed

Amid a $584 million budget deficit in the California State University system, an assemblyman is presenting legislation that, if passed, would bring a projected $1 billion in funds to state colleges and universities.