The trouble with democracy today

Eric Baldwin is an electrical engineering senior and Mustang Daily libertarian columnist. Democracy comes in two flavors — direct and representative. Direct democracy takes place when enfranchised citizens vote on the issues and problems they face, while in a representative…

Singin’ the blues of direct democracy

Last week, as I was reading through the editorials in the Wall Street Journal, I found one article that caught my eye. It was titled “The Blue Men Group” and was about how three of the most liberal (i.e. blue)…

America is not a democracy and should never hope to be one

Majority rule is not all it has been chalked up to be and the more we move towards it, the more our liberties and freedoms are destroyed.

Fighting Fire with FIRE: Freedom of Speech on Campus

We have all heard the unusual arguments for free speech in situations of burning flags, but we often fail to acknowledge the day-to-day restriction of free speech on college campuses.

Dictatorships or democracies: all governments rule by force

We do well to fear the potential dangers inherent in any government, whether such government is of a tyrant or the fictitious “will of the people.” Government, even democratically elected government, is always the same. It is force, a force which can be used for good or bad, right or wrong.