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When moms take on social media

It’s not every day President Obama has to pick up the slack for his liberal media accomplices, but last week, he realized they had gone too far. Under the pressure of the ever-so-powerful social media revolution that helped get him elected, Obama was forced to do some serious damage control. Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen started […]

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What's the 'fracking' problem?

You may have already spent your lunch money on a donation toward the KONY 2012 effort, but there’s a new fundraising campaign that may actually have more impact than the leaky Invisible Children movement. Ann and Phelim Media LLC is currently raising funds to expose the truth about “fracking” through their documentary entitled FrackNation. While […]

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Obamacare: More than just health care

Twenty-seven states have officially filed lawsuits against it, and more than half of Americans favor its repeal. Now, it’s the Supreme Court’s turn to give its opinion on Obamacare and decide the fate of President Barack Obama’s most recognized “achievement.” Amidst all the hype, this unpopular piece of legislation might not even be constitutional. Aside […]

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Coulter's visit a victory for intellectual diversity

From the initial “vanishing” stakes to the “revised” posters (and subsequent “poster wars”), it seems as though the left is doing everything in its power to stunt the success of Ann Coulter’s speaking engagement on Feb. 28. Meanwhile, alumni have whined, and professors have moaned in anticipation. Boo-hoo. Liberals are the first to ridicule Coulter’s […]



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