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Uno, dos, tres, QUATRO!

Before my headline invades your brain and you’re singing “Fergalicious” for the next 24 hours (this intro probably didn’t help that cause), read a little further. So we made it through week four. We beat the heat, and a lot of you did so dressed to the nines in honor of the Job Fair. Hopefully […]

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Comments welcome

OK, so it’s amazingly ironic that in my last blog post about mistakes, I had the unfortunate luck to have written “countries” instead of “country’s.” And thank you to the commenter who mentioned it. I actually do appreciate it when our mistakes are pointed out because, unfortunately, sometimes that is the only way we learn. […]

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Athletics are more than the game

Sports are about more than statistics, scores or star performances. In some ways, athletics reflect society. At times they bind us tighter, and at others they break down barriers that politicians could not do with the full force of law. That might seem over-dramatic but consider integration in the South during the 1970s. Alabama was […]

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Let me entertain you

Hey readers. I realize that’s a pretty lame way to start a blog, but blogging isn’t really my thing — I didn’t exactly become a journalism major to steal Perez Hilton’s thunder. Here’s the deal: to spice things up on the Mustang Daily website this year, we decided that all of the editors would post […]