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Cal Poly student drowns in Spain

A report from Diario de Sevilla, a newspaper in Spain, states that a student — identified at Matthew R. Y. — jumped from a bridge and drowned in the Guadalquivir river at 3:30 a.m. on Nov. 21.

The heroes of years past

The 8,125 fans packed into Alex G. Spanos Stadium on a chilly night in 2010 remember Chris Gaschen’s right-footed dart that buried itself in the top corner of the net and sent the crowd into a frenzy.

LIVE BLOG: Cal Poly welcomes Ivy League’s Yale

For the first time in history, Cal Poly football is hosting Yale at Alex G. Spanos Stadium. Ranked in the FCS, Cal Poly is a favorite but the Bulldogs have a high-powered offensive and is yet to lose in 2013. Follow along for updates.

Mustang News becomes fifth name of Cal Poly’s newspaper

I should have looked at my watch for an official time of death. But what I can say is that at approximately 8:45 a.m. Friday morning, Mustang Daily was no more.

Editor in chief hosts ‘Ask me anything’ on Reddit

“I’m here to answer anything you’ve ever wondered about the school newspaper and take suggestions you have to improve our coverage.”

Coming soon: Mustang News

What’s in a name? The impact is more than we even consider. That’s why, when the journalism department faculty informed student media leaders that Mustang Daily was no more, we were shocked.

Editor-in-chief introduces the new Mustang Daily

WOW, that went fast. One day I’m lugging my suitcases up the hill to the Cerro Vista Apartments and the next I’m about to be ushered out of San Luis Obispo with one final toss of a black cap. Though I have nine months left on this campus, I’d trade places with you — yes you, dear WOWies — in a heartbeat.

Letter from J.J. Jenkins, next year’s editor-in-chief

This isn’t the death of the Daily; it’s a rebirth. Starting in the fall, Mustang Daily will begin to print twice a week.

Cal Poly eliminated after losses to UCLA, San Diego

A day after giving up a four-run lead to UCLA, the Cal Poly baseball team was eliminated from the NCAA tournament on Sunday afternoon by San Diego in a 8-5 loss.

LIVE BLOG — Cal Poly vs. UCLA

J.J. Jenkins [follow id=”MDailySports” count=”true” ] A ball lost in the lights. That was the difference for the Cal Poly baseball team on Saturday night as a miscue by Nick Torres in right field cost the Mustangs three runs in…

LIVE BLOG — Cal Poly vs. San Diego

The Cal Poly baseball team has returned to the NCAA tournament for the first time since 2009 and will face San Diego in its first game today.