10 energizing snacks for finals week

Feeling sluggish this dead week? Here are 10 energizing snacks to keep you awake.

Global resiliency must include response to peak oil

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, a monumental transformation occurred that has provided us with an advanced ability to reshape the very world that surrounds us. We have developed technologies, made major advances in modern medicine and propelled our…

Poly Canyon energy competition heats up

Taking long hot showers, doing small loads of laundry, and leaving a computer on all night are just some of the habits the Green Campus Program is encouraging students to eliminate in its first Poly Canyon Village Energy Competition.

Green Spot: We could learn from the Danes

In Forbes magazine’s “Best Countries For Business, 2009,” the No. 2 pick is the good ol’ USA, but Forbes’ No. 1 country for business — for the second year in a row — is uber-green Denmark!