Student-built company Raccoon provides financial education for millennials

The student-created company is targeted toward graduating students and students new to the workforce who struggle with financial literacy.

Wellness technology offers promising field for entrepreneurial students

Wellness technology is now becoming a trending market and may be an opportunity for students across campus to take advantage of.

StrengthPortal: Raising the Bar

A Cal Poly student start-up has the potential to change the fitness industry.

Cal Poly student heats up competition for mainstream humorous websites

It was just last week that business administration sophomore Brett Edwards was featured in the Mustang Daily about his alter-ego, Mr. Eco, but he also takes on the role of entrepreneur as he continues to develop his first website,

Tips on professionalism from a Cal Poly entrepreneurship pro

  Graduation caps are flying through the air as recent graduates celebrate embarking on a new chapter of life. As they leave college behind the, their recent excitement might turn to fear as they face the daunting, intimidating task ahead:…

I want to be a billionaire, so freakin’ bad.

That’s right, every business you experience, every product you buy and every movie you see has roots formed by a person just like you: educated in some way or another, motivated for their own success and willing to take a risk and get a reward.

Entrepreneurship club turns ideas into reality

To add to the laundry list of successful businesses founded by Cal Poly graduates, the Cal Poly Entrepreneurship Club invites students from different colleges to learn about the fundamentals of starting a business.

Future entrepreneurs: take risks while you’re young

Not very many people have the smarts and the courage it takes to go their own way, to break out of the security of a stable career path and to venture out into the rocky, winding road of entrepreneurship, where both risks and rewards lie waiting around every bend.

Find your niche in the scheme of green

Anyone with a successful career has at some point taken an inventory of their skills and interests and funneled them into a position that pays. Turn what you are merely good at into a career you love by finding a way integrate sustainability into your area of expertise.