Students to plant 500 trees

On Saturday, non-profit organization One Cool Earth and the Cal Poly Environmental Council teamed up to pot 50 Madrone trees and 500 Redwood trees, and picked acorns to plant Oak trees.

Sustainability: Easily done in daily routine

Students may not have the power to influence politics or can afford to drive a hybrid, but there is a way to affect positive change by paying more attention to the way we do everyday routines.

Film festival to address variety of environmental concerns

A number of contemporary environmental issues will be addressed during the second annual Los Padres Forestwatch “Wild and Scenic” Film Festival.

Local and international internships that make difference

Sustainability-oriented and green-minded internships may just be a more fulfilling way to spend your summer during a down economy.

T3 patrol vehicles offer campus security to go green

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, and to make it easier to access certain areas of campus, the Cal Poly University Police Department has adopted three-wheeled electric vehicles

Future of innovation is reliant on nature

Biomimicry is the redesign of industrial processes and products based on new understandings of how natural systems and creatures accomplish similar ends — and it may be the most promising branch of the growing sustainable design movement.

Feds seek to control even your kitchen sink

The Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) proposes to put “all ocean space” under the control of the U.N.’s Division of Ocean Affairs and Law of the Sea (DOALOS).

Is green suburbia really possible?

Forty miles north of San Francisco, on the site of a former industrial park, work is underway on the ambitious new Sonoma Mountain Village, a 200-acre development that aims to be truly sustainable.

Corporate lobbyist transparency needed for the green age

See, a huge number of companies make modest improvements in practices, but lobby all-out, in a variety of ways, to stall the adoption of higher standards, better land-use practices, green taxes or even health and safety regulations. And the impacts of those lobbying efforts usually far, far outweigh the good they claim to be doing with their pilot green efforts.

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