Faculty union set to vote on strike

The California Faculty Association (CFA) will vote on whether to hold a system-wide strike next month, adding a new layer to more than a year of negotiations between the union and the California State University (CSU) system. If passed, the…

Professors may need to work overtime to workout

Weeks after its opening, hundreds of students flow in and out of the Recreation Center daily, and new users can still be seen admiring the 21,000 square-feet of usable space. But some individuals on campus are having a harder time…

Journalism hearing sparks heated debate

A formal grievance hearing concerning College of Liberal Arts Dean Linda Halisky’s removal of journalism department chair Bill Loving was held on Friday, November 19. The hearing (which was the first in Cal Poly’s history) was called because Loving said…

Faculty member’s trip to Haiti exceeds expectations

Cal Poly architectural engineering faculty member James Mwangi went to Haiti on a volunteer trip expecting to assess buildings for two weeks after the wreckage of the 7.0 earthquake, but ended up taking part in educating Haitian builders.

Center on campus looks to help professors

Cal Poly’s Center for Teaching and Learning is a tool for faculty to help improve their teaching.

Students discuss budget issues in teach-in

Three Cal Poly students held a teach-in discussion to raise awareness amongst the Cal Poly community on the impacts of the budget cuts to higher education.

Furloughs continue to hinder education

The furlough program at Cal Poly has resulted in pay decreases for faculty members along with an increased workload due to larger class sizes and fewer available lecturers.

CARE-Net seeks to expand dialogue

CARE-net will play a role similar in some respects to that of a traditional ombuds. Someone wishing to report a troubling incident will have the opportunity to do so either through an online reporting system or via a network of trained university volunteers.