ASI elections are a time to reflect on the direction Cal Poly is headed

I am happy to be politically neutral today — a first, I think, since I began writing my columns. But, as they say, there’s a first time for everything. I began thinking about who I will choose to vote for next week in the ASI Presidential campaign by asking myself similar questions as I do during national presidential campaigns.

Join the statewide protests today on Dexter Lawn and Marsh St.

When I think of the work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement, I see that protesting does change society.

Students discuss budget issues in teach-in

Three Cal Poly students held a teach-in discussion to raise awareness amongst the Cal Poly community on the impacts of the budget cuts to higher education.

ASI leadership find answers to student questions

More than 300 students submitted questions or concerns about fewer classes being offered, furloughs and facility projects at “Dollar Dilemmas.”

AB 656 would make CSU cuts a little less painful

I have to admit that when my professors announced their furlough days this quarter, I cherished the lost class time.

BLOG: AB 656 more complicated than at first glance

Reporter uncovers complexity of issues while researching AB 656.

ASI to host four-day budget debate

Associated Student Inc. will be holding a budget crisis debate series Monday through Thursday on Dexter Lawn, allowing students to voice their concerns about the economic disaster.