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Opinion: El Niño 2023, decoded

Caroline Kelleher is an anthropology and geography freshman and Mustang News Opinion Columnist. The views expressed in this piece do not necessarily reflect those of Mustang News.  June marks the beginning of what is usually a hot California summer, which should be a welcome break from the gloom we’ve had for the first half of […]

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“It’s just switching back and forth like a pendulum”: How Biden’s climate change efforts affect the Cal Poly community

During his presidential campaign, Joe Biden identified climate change as one of his top four priorities. Since his election, the Biden administration rejoined the Paris agreement, established a National Climate Task Force and introduced a variety of executive orders to tackle climate change at home and abroad.

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Wine country possibly shrinking

Global warming could hurt Cal Poly and other premium winegrowing regions of California in the next 30 years, said Noah Diffenbaugh, an assistant professor of environmental Earth system science at Stanford. Diffenbaugh and other Stanford University climate scientists said by 2040, the amount of land suitable for growing wine grapes could shrink by 50 percent […]