California drought scorches Learn By Doing

While the drought has prevented students from gaining practical experience, it hasn’t stopped students from wanting to learn by doing.

Facts can't change climate debate

For about forty columns, I’ve avoided talking about climate change.

Wine country possibly shrinking

Global warming could hurt Cal Poly and other premium winegrowing regions of California in the next 30 years, said Noah Diffenbaugh, an assistant professor of environmental Earth system science at Stanford. Diffenbaugh and other Stanford University climate scientists said by…

Anthropogenic climate change has major consequences

The question of whether or not global warming is anthropogenic (caused by humans) is an important one, as it has huge ramifications for our environment, economy and ultimately our quality of life.

Cal Poly professor speaks at Morro Bay Bird Festival

Cal Poly Biology professor Lars Tomanek gave a speech about Global Warming and the affects on humans and birds.

T3 patrol vehicles offer campus security to go green

In an effort to become more environmentally friendly, and to make it easier to access certain areas of campus, the Cal Poly University Police Department has adopted three-wheeled electric vehicles

Speaker outlines possible solutions to climate change

Barbara Levi, co-editor of the book “Global Warming: Physics and Facts” talked to students about the causes, concerns and possible solutions to climate change.