Cal Poly women’s basketball star returns for senior season

The Cal Poly women’s basketball team will see the return of recent graduate guard Ariana Elegado next season.

The interactive cure to your post-grad anxiety

Nervous about life after graduation? Being a Cal Poly grad should help.

Fanning the flames for fire protection program

Cal Poly has been fanning the flames of the fire protection engineering master’s program for about four years. Now, Cal Poly is stoking the chancellor to see if its pilot program can become a “regular program.”

Akaninyene Umoh does it all

In his freshman year, Akaninyene Umoh’s coach took away the Cal Poly football player’s PlayStation 3.

Umoh was enrolled in summer school, but back then, he wasn’t making the grade. Umoh needed to do well in his classes to be eligible to play football, but running backs coach Aristotle Thompson wasn’t about to let his player flunk.

Grad’s novel hits Amazon

Recent graduate Aaron Rowley’s first novel, “Let There Be Care,” was released on Amazon in paperback on Thursday.

The ins and outs of office etiquette

Are you graduating this spring and about to start a 9-to-5 job/career? Or maybe you still have a year or two to go before you can don a cap and gown, but you are about to get a taste of…

Don't get mad, get grad

In an increasingly competitive workplace, master’s degrees are slowly replacing the previous industry standards of bachelor’s degrees, so students are looking into graduate schools more and more. Jason Lancaster graduated from Cal Poly in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in…

Writing career takes off from Cal Poly

Matt Johnson never read an assigned book in high school. Not because he didn’t like to read, but because he didn’t like reading things other people told him to read.

BLOG: Why “boomerang kids” move home

“Boomerang kids.” It’s a new term created to describe a student who leaves home to go off to college, receives a degree and then comes a knockin’ on their parents’ door.