Where in the world are graduates?

A chapter ends and new one begins the day of graduation. Students move on to new jobs, new lifestyles and, often times, new places.

Across the globe: graduates take to traveling after Cal Poly

The pressure of finding a job after graduation hangs over the heads of many students. However, some see this period of time as the perfect opportunity to explore the world.

Graduates go the road less traveled

Life after graduation is supposed to be full of mundane responsibilities, a “big-kid” job and a general resignation to adult life, right?

Not always.

Graduates ready for life beyond Cal Poly

Fall graduation is here and some seniors are preparing to leave Cal Poly for good.

Six soon-to-be graduates, one from each of the academic colleges, reminisced about their time at Cal Poly and pondered what their futures would hold.

Tabrizi plans to be a kid again this summer

Kiyana Tabrizi wouldn’t change a single thing from this year. Her year of leading the student body as Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) president is drawing to a close, but as Tabrizi said, “The things I learned this year, I’ll keep…