In light of Senate loss, Dems should ask: what would Wilberforce do?

If Wilberforce had settled with his detractors for an abolitionist bill which merely decried the slave trade and did nothing to ameliorate those conditions, history would not have remembered him.

Steel mogul Carnegie’s vision kept alive in SLO

The spirit of steel titan and literacy champion Andrew Carnegie lives on in San Luis Obispo in a the San Luis Obispo County Historical Museum.

Poly education helped writer in Hollywood

Cal Poly 1974 graduate Jim Kouf shared his path to Hollywood last Thursday as part of the College of Liberal Arts distinguished speakers series.

Trappist monks carry on brewing tradition

Trappists live by the rule of St. Benedict which says “for then are they monks in truth, if they live by the work of their hands.” So all Trappist monasteries survive not by asking for donations, but producing goods that they sell. Of the nearly 170 Trappist monasteries worldwide, only seven produce beer. The best-known Trappist beer in America is probably Chimay.

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