Q&A: The man behind the mascot

Walking tall with a giant smile, unkempt hair and cartoonish school spirit, environmental sciences senior Keegan Aspelund could be mistaken for Cal Poly’s own Musty the Mustang. In fact, the two are one and the same, and have been since…

Mustang Maniacs keep the crowd on their feet and players on their game

Club or not, the Maniacs take care of a lot more athletics-based events than just filling seats at games. In addition to leading sports crowds in loud cheers, the Maniacs take care of the P, organize road trips to away games, maintain rivalry trophies such as the Golden Horseshoe and fill the suit of Musty the mascot.

Homecoming: Then and Now

For more than 100 years, the homecoming tradition at Cal Poly has brought celebration, athletics, activities such as rodeos and parades and school pride to both its alumni and current students.

Parents converge on Cal Poly for the weekend

More than 900 families swarmed the Cal Poly campus for Parents’ Weekend activities like the football game, barbecue and the play this past weekend.