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Senior creates new system for monitoring cow pregnancy

Trevor Nutcher, a dairy science senior, implemented new technology at the Dairy Farm unit on campus that is used to help increase cow pregnancy rates.

Cal Poly students create kayak for disabled users

Bryan Gingg, who suffers from quadriplegia, was able to kayak through Morro Bay Friday due to a new and improved SoloQuad kayak — a motorized kayak that responds to a sip and puff system or joystick as a control mechanism.

Lecturer on ethics of Facebook

The Technology, Policy and Ethics lecture series at Cal Poly continued on as Anthony Beavers, a professor of philosophy at the University of Evansville, took the floor for the second time at Cal Poly to discuss the ethics of Facebook last week.

SLOpnessmonster attacks Cal Poly

Cal Poly is one of the schools to have its own section on the new website, which features pictures of the positions intoxicated students can end up in.

SLO takes a walk on wild side … in heels

San Luis Obispo sees men strut through downtown for the ninth annual “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event.

Location tracking: there’s an app for that

Two security researchers discovered a location history database last week that is built into the Apple iOS 4 software, which is currently available on the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Surf’s up, Cal Poly

Surfer Magazine chose Cal Poly as one of the top 10 surf schools in the U.S. in an article published this month.

Green with environmental sustainability

What exactly are students doing to help our campus “go green?”

Healthy eating in the ‘happiest town’

With all of the different activities that college students are involved in, it is no surprise that many do not have the time or energy to cook healthy meals each and every night of the week.

Fine (campus) dining: Amid dining adaptations, students continue to question campus food practices

Campus Dining adopted a new nutrition label program to offer nutritional information in 19Metro Station, and hopes to implement the program in all Campus Dining venues. This is in addition to other efforts Campus Dining is making to offer quality food to students.

No radioactive milk for Cal Poly’s dairy cows

Trace levels of iodine-131 radiation were found in Cal Poly dairy cows following the nuclear emergency in Japan last month. However, experts said there is nothing to worry about.