Students ‘See the Need’ for San Luis Obispo hunger awareness

In honor of Homelessness and Hunger Awareness Week, Cal Poly’s Student Community Services (SCS) will hold a number of events for “See the Need” week, urging students to volunteer and become more educated about hunger in both San Luis Obispo and national communities.

The number of homeless rises in San Luis Obispo County

According to the 2009 Homeless Enumeration Report performed by the Homeless Services Coordinating Council (HSCC), on any given day in San Luis Obispo county 3,829 people are homeless. The homeless shelters are brimming with newcomers while county officials work together to build a new homeless campus in hopes to solve this increase of roughly 1,500 homeless people since the 2006 count of 2,408.

Local students hope to blur lines of homelessness with potluck dinners

The student members of Finer Things Thursday enjoy potluck dinners and friendly conversation with the homeless every Thursday at Mitchell Park.