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Posted inStudent Life

The activists who can’t go to protests: How immunocompromised students show up for Black Lives Matter

“No justice, no peace!” hundreds of students chanted as they walked shoulder-to-shoulder down Higuera Street. Cardboard signs with names, “George Floyd,” “Breonna Taylor” and “ Trayvon Martin” written in all-caps, raised over the heads of hundreds of masked walkers. A glance downtown and you’d see a group of activists marching for change in their small […]

Posted inArts

ASI belly dancing instructor hopes to “open people’s hearts” to Middle Eastern culture

Dressed in traditional skirts with gold coins, students and community members shuffled into the Recreation Center dance studio. Amid the weights, treadmills and ab machines, they shimmied their hips and immersed themselves in the traditional dances of the Arab world. On Saturday, May 11, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) hosted their quarterly belly dancing workshop. Known […]

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How this student bodybuilder and influencer dominates the fitness world — partially thanks to 805 Kitchen

For many college freshmen, meals in the residence halls consist of Top Ramen, pizza and microwaveable Hot Pockets. However, most college freshmen are not nutrition science freshman Summer Trenkle. Trenkle has spent the past year training to compete in bodybuilding competitions. Though she is considered a “newbie” to the sport, she is far from behind. […]



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