Students train, ride and sell horses

Reporter Jenna Brown joined students involved with the Quarter Horse Enterprise Project to find out how they train and prepare the horses for sale.

Learn By Doing outside class – way outside

The two women slowly approach the animal, knowing that at any moment it could kick back and send one of them flying. The untamed horse looks unsure of what to do in this new environment; just three days ago, it…

Horse slaughter funding approved

A bill passed by President Barack Obama late last year quietly reinstated funding for the inspection of horse slaughter, ending a five-year de facto ban on the market in the United States. But despite the change in law, Cal Poly…

Day in the Life: Horsing around in the Cal Poly Equine Center

At 5:30 on a Thursday morning, the lights in the office of the Cal Poly Equine Center are already on. Fletcher Gales is inside, brewing coffee and going over paperwork before the morning feeding. Gales, an agribusiness junior, is co-manager…

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