The Second City gives first-rate show

I give ’em a solid A- — see why.

5-Minute Update: Smile and Nod Edition

Mustang News anchor Julian Del Gaudio speaks with a member of Smile and Nod in this special Mustang News broadcast.

Smile and Nod meets greek life, hemlock and condoms

“Am I boxing using condoms as boxing gloves, but instead of the condoms, I’m creating a religion based around ‘Mean Girls’ and instead of my opponent, I’m fighting the saying, ‘that’s the way the cookie crumbles?’”

Smile, nod and fall off your chair laughing

Allison Montroy Not a single person is still. All around there is hopping, jumping, clapping and chanting. Kanye West’s “Ni**az in Paris” fills the small, curtained room with energy. Three groups form, laughing, shaking and shuffling their feet against…

Improv comedy groups to bring laughs to Chumash

The Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade Theaters will perform off-the-cuff and sketch comedy in the first improv series on campus the next two Friday nights. Cal Poly’s own Improv group, Smile and Nod, will open for UCB January 29.

Video: Smile and Nod improv comedy show

Cal Poly’s improv comedy group — Smile and Nod — performed to a combined crowd of more than 200 at their two performances Wednesday night, April 22. Get a behind the scenes look at their show.