SLO free clinic opens doors to residents

The economic climate and spike in unemployment rates throughout the country have rendered some people and families uninsured, but San Luis Obispo is setting an example for others by providing quality health care — free of charge. The SLO Noor…

Women denied health insurance because of sexual attacks

In the United States, a sexual assault or rape happens every two minutes and 60 percent of the incidents are never reported to the police. In 2007, 248,300 sexual assaults were reported.

Uncovered: Many Poly students don’t plan ahead for health coverage

As graduates are enter the “real world” they will most likely look for jobs, places to live and … health insurance. Most students do not know about health care.

Health care reforms not Obama’s Nov. promises

Is Obama’s most recent outline for health care reform really up to what he promised back in November? As a candidate, Obama’s health care platform was multifaceted and ambitious.