Letter from J.J. Jenkins, next year’s editor-in-chief

This isn’t the death of the Daily; it’s a rebirth. Starting in the fall, Mustang Daily will begin to print twice a week.

Ten lessons from a quarter abroad

Journalism junior Erica Husting (1-5) and business administration junior J. J. Jenkins (6-10) both studied abroad this fall quarter – Husting in Italy and Jenkins in Spain. These are the lessons they took away from their time abroad. Lesson 1:…

Softball falls to Riverside in final game

Despite a late push on an RBI single by sophomore Kim Westlund, which scored Nora Sobczak in the fifth inning, Cal Poly softball (13-36, 5-16) fell 2-1 to UC Riverside (25-28, 8-13). The windy Saturday marked senior night for Sobczak…

Coachella in 1,000 words

[box] Mustang Daily reporter shares his experiences at his first ever Coachella[/box] We buzzed along a blank stretch of highway in Palm Springs, Calif., as the tires of our Subaru hummed against the asphalt. To us, it was music. Something about…

Friends-turned-rivals debate Cal Poly vs. UNC

  J.J. Jenkins (JJ) is a Cal Poly business administration sophomore and Jordan Doucette (JD) is a University of Northern Colorado journalism sophomore. They attended high school together in Denver where they wrote a column entitled “Quadruple J: Question of…

School’s out: Freshman reflects on first year of college

Mainly I have learned that the “freshman experience” does not come down to how hard I partied or how many girls I hooked up with, but rather, how much time I spent with people who truly supported me.

Bromance — Taking your friendship to the next level

Freshman columnist proves that bro’s are worthy of more than just tanks. They can also have “bromances.”

Week eight blues — How to get through spring quarter with summer in sight

The anxiety that comes with upcoming finals is only amplified when those tests seem to be the only thing standing between you and a summer filled with sunny days at the beach free from school-related worries.

Women’s basketball fends off UC Irvine

The Cal Poly women’s basketball team watched a nine-point lead dwindle to nothing when UC Irvine’s Tayler Champion nailed a 3-pointer as the shot clock expired. The shot put the Anteaters up 17-16 with seven minutes remaining in the first…

Plane crashes near Poly campus

A single-engine Aeronca vintage plane crashed on private property neighboring the Cal Poly campus Thursday morning around 10 a.m. One person died.

Remember the Mustangs: the story of the 1960 football team

It’s been 50 years since that foggy night in Toledo, Ohio. The night when the simple decision to board a twin-engine C-46 meant life or death.