Cal Poly enrolls 'least white,' most gender-equal class in history

Cal Poly is projecting enrollment of 4,488 first-time freshmen and 760 transfer students this year — and enrolling 383 less freshmen and 187 less transfer students than last year.

Why a letter of recommendation won't help you get into Cal Poly

According to Cal Poly admissions officers, getting into Cal Poly is up to the cold logic of a computer.

The culture shock: Diversity of applicants and enrollees

Joseph Pack/Staff Photographer Minorities now make up 30.8 percent of the freshman applicant pool. Suha Saya [follow id=”suhasaya”] For some students, a familiar face is hard to find. If she hadn’t searched for diversity through different clubs and activities, business…

Application spikes across Cal States

The CSU school system saw a jump of 2 percent from last year’s number of applicants.

Cal Poly hits record number of applicants for Fall 2014

Undergraduate applications increased roughly 10 percent from last year, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment and Marketing James Maraviglia said.

On the rise: Cal Poly standards, students climbing

Cal Poly was once a small agriculture and technical school. In 1992, only 7744 prospective students applied to the university. Today, more than 40,000 students are fighting for an acceptance letter.

More students, more problems

The largest freshman class to date — totaling 4,800 — was welcomed to the Cal Poly community for the 2013-2014 school year.


[box]Getting into Cal Poly is growing increasingly difficult[/box] Cal Poly’s application rate is at a record-high, but acceptance rates remain low. With the demand for Cal Poly on the rise, and state funding at an all-time low, acceptance to the…