San Luis Obispo stabilization program: the many ideas to integrate San Luis Obispo neighborhoods

Councilman John Ashbaugh, San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx and Alliance of SLO Neighborhoods have their own ideas.

The ‘Isla Vista phenomenon’: San Luis Obispo city council tries to decrease the amount of student-dominanted neighborhoods

The plan is currently being looked at by Cal Poly administration, UPD, SLOPD, city council and others.

Your San Luis Obispo election voting guide

Don’t know what San Luis Obispo officials to vote for in this year’s election?

Restrictive marijuana law stalled at SLO council meeting

The proposed ordinance resulted from complaints about noxious odors from outdoor medical marijuana cultivation in a residential area.

A vice president and mayor's failed attempt to curb pre-graduation alcohol service downtown

Story: Anne Knapke          Graphic: Kacy Tachibana Graduating seniors: Don’t put away your party hats just yet. The traditional 6 a.m. bar crawl before commencement is still an option for students, despite the letter sent by Cal Poly administration…

City Council member comes out against VP Humphrey, Mayor Marx on pre-commencement drinking

Dan Carpenter said that he thinks it is “a bad idea” to recommend when businesses should and should not operate.

'We understand the sacrifice': Cal Poly VP and SLO mayor's pre-graduation request of downtown bars

“All too often, the commencement ceremonies are overshadowed and become unsafe due to the conduct of intoxicated students who have visited city bars prior to the ceremonies.”

Cal Poly aims to stop pre-commencement drinking

Bar crawling on the morning of graduation might not be a possibility this year, if Cal Poly and the City of San Luis Obispo have their way.

City Council vets call for cooperation between Cal Poly and City Council

A petition signed by 28 past city council members arrived at City Hall on April 16 with the message: the San Luis Obispo City Council and Cal Poly need to collaborate more on the consideration of the future 1430-bed student residence hall.

Mardi Gras, Cal Poly and the ‘biggest celebration west of the Mississippi’

Brian De Los Santos The first thing Graham Updegrove heard was screaming. Then the entire crowd started running. “I didn’t even look back, I just kind of started running as well,” Updegrove said. “I took a couple of steps…

SLOw election results ahead as votes counted

Victoria Billings Residents in the 24th congressional district (San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County and a sliver of Ventura County) were prepared for a long wait to learn the final tally of the highly-contested district seat, but were…