Center for Leadership and Service comes to Cal Poly

The new center on campus offers students hands on experience refining their leadership skills to make them more marketable in the workplace.

Meet the Orientation and Transition Board

Behind every coordinated dance by the orientation leaders, each Week of Welcome (WOW) activity and all the Soar groups, there stands seven students: members of the Orientation and Transition Board, who are directly responsible for coordinating Soar and WOW.

Changes keep WOWies on campus

This year’s Week of Welcome underwent many changes, including an earlier kick-off and more activities in the beginning of the week, said Scott Kjorlien, a WOW Executive Board member.

Week of Welcome: A history of changes

Week of Welcome — known as WOW — is the largest volunteer orientation program in the nation. But, before there were costume-clad WOW leaders rocking crazy choreographed dances, WOW actually began as a basic orientation program.

‘Rag-tag’ committee made first Open House

Elyse Lopez After the riots in 1990 that caused the cancellation of Poly Royal, students had to think of a new way to open up the campus for the weekend and showcase their work. Poly Royal was a wonderful…

Student orientation SOARs with new changes

A brand-new school year calls for a brand new approach to introducing Cal Poly’s incoming students to their new home. This month, Student Life and Leadership will implement integral changes to SOAR, one of Cal Poly’s three orientation programs. SOAR…