Breaking down the Master Plan, part seven: More diversity

Appealing to different ethnic and people groups through new food options and weekend and evening activities.

Presentation ignites backlash from Jewish community

Controversy surrounds a university-sponsored speaker slated to present this evening in Chumash auditorium on the Israel-Palestine conflict and its effect on the Middle East. Ilan Pappe, an Israeli-born historian, plans to speak tonight about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Pappe raised controversy…

Holocaust Remembrance day offers opportunity for reflection

Between 1939 and 1945, six million Jews were brutally murdered in Europe. Their crime? Being Jewish.

Ditch the liquor store, put yeast to work

What do beer, Kombucha and Amish friendship bread all have in common? Besides the fact that they all taste delicious, they are all fermented foods and beverages you can make.

Eating competitions not taken lightly

A five pound burrito, 50 hot dogs and hot wings so spicy you have to sign a waver to eat them — sounds like enough food to feed an army.

An American journalist uncovers WWII horror in “Sarah’s Key”

Alternating between a modern day journalist researching this event and a child living through the torment of the 1942 roundup, this novel makes for a compelling and provocative read.